Thursday, 31 December 2015

Just Something I made on iPad.

I made this as a possible blog design but not sure how to put it in yet let me know if you have any ideas on how and where to put it! Thank you. Made using the Sketches app (I really recommend this app!) Free from the App Store. 

So this was Just Another Drawimg and I'm 

Just Another Girl xx

My New Years Resolutions.

Hello, it's me,
So here we are as promised here is me blogging everyday for a month! (This is gonna be hard) but none the less I am determined to do this and not give up. In fact not giving up is one of my New Years resolutions! So on that note here is a list of all the things I want to do/achieve in 2016!

I would love to be able to blog more often! Even though it's a small blog I still really enjoy doing it!

I need to learn to persevere and not give up so easily because I am a very lazy person!

Do my Homework on time....speaking of which I have some due in a few days....

Manage my anxiety better, easier said than done. But it's not impossible and it is something I wish to learn during 2016!

Listen to parents and teachers more..this for some reason is always very hard for me but I'm slowly but surely learning to listen!

There is just a few of my New Years resolutions I wanted to keep this short and sweet as it is currently only 1 hour into the new year and I need some beauty sleep!! 

Any ways, I will see you tomorrow with another blog post, I mean it for once haha, thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed it. 

So this is the start of Just Another Year and I'm 

Just Another Girl xx

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Monday, 14 December 2015

Just Another Quick Update.

Hello, it's me,

Hello so the reason I haven't been blogging recently (I know you're all saying here's another excuse haha) I have had a lot going on in my life that nobody really knows about and it all got too much for me so I decided to not blog because I couldn't connect with it the next "excuse" if you wish is that my old phone which I was blogging from was not working properly but I just got a new phone for my birthday and now I'm back and to make it up to you guys (all 259 of you!) I will be posting a blog everyday in January about just general stuff like life and what I've been up to!

I'm gonna go! Ly all for those who stayed and I will see you very soon with another blog post. I can reveal that it will be my favourite songs of the moment.

So, this was just Another Quick Update from

Just Another Girl xx

Sunday, 22 November 2015

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things.

Guess who's back back back, back again again again,

It Me! Hey guess so today I'm going to be doing a my favourite things post. Now recently I have been throwing a lot of things away an this means I have found a few things that I was loving a while back and now I am definitely loving again!


So one of my favourite things right now is the Zoella Bath Fizz Bar. I remember buying one of these a while back and put it away after using half of it. So I was overjoyed when going through the bathroom cupboard I came across it again. Nothing beats a nice hot bath to relieve stress!


Another thing I am loving right now is winged eyeliner! After much practise I finally mastered the art of even eyeliner! I use an amazing eyeliner which I find works really well for me and is very easy to control and to get that perfect line. It is the Bourjois Paris, Mega Liner in ULTRA BLACK. It is long lasting and has a very nice accurate fine angled tip. I 100% recommend this one. I found mine for £6.99 from Superdrug. Which in my opinion is a good buy!


Don't judge me when I say that I really like Poundland Lipsticks! They have a very creamy texture and while they might not be as long lasting as some of the higher end products they are definitely a close match. They have a very good pigment and are very easy to apply. If you are from the UK and you come across a Poundland pick a lippy up! I recommend Shade 10 Purple Pop.


As someone who suffers with acne I hate it when you have a breakout. If like me you are on medication for it sometimes you don't want to put anything on your skin but I have been using the Johnson & Johnson, Clean & Clear breakout and blackout cleanser. I only use this when my skin is particularly bad because even some skin products give my skin a reaction! I thoroughly recommend this and saw results from day 1. I got mine from Tesco but you can get them at most supermarkets and drug stores.


My final item that I love at the moment is the L'Oreal Paris Studio Line, Hot and Smooth hot straight cream. It is a 3 day straight hair cream and heat protector which leaves your hair frizz free and with a sleek appearance. In the winter for some reason I like to use a lot more heat on my hair compared to the summer and spring seasons. This is by far one of the best products in my opinion I have used. I use this nearly everyday and I find it is best used when rubbed together in your hands and combed through with your fingers. I bought mine from Boots and although I can't remember exactly how much it was I know that it was under £10. It is in a 200ml bottle and lasts a fair amount of time so this is definitely a well priced product.

These were just a few of the things I have been liking recently. More blog posts to come. Also thank you so much for over 200 reads on this blog I didn't think that many people would read it. I have had 100 in a month! Thank you so much!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! I'm gonna go now so in a whole world of grateful bloggers I'm

Just Another Girl xx

Saturday, 14 November 2015

I'm The Worst Blogger Ever.

I hate me I'm really sorry I haven't blogged in a while for anyone who's still here, but I have been going through a bit of a rough time recently and haven't really felt in a blogging mood. But the good news is that I'm feeling a bit better and will be continuing with blogging(haha I say this in every blog post its like a bloody catchphrase) This time I mean it though (I say that as well. I'm hopeless!) So starting tomorrow I will be posting proper blogs as this one was just a quick catchup (again) I might have to get my 'friend who knows about this blog' to remind me to blog.

Anyways I'm rambling on again so I'm gonna go.
I may have lost a few followers but if you want to find me again just type in,

Just Another Girl xx
(get that promo ;))

Friday, 6 November 2015

Hello Again Friends!

I'm really sorry I haven't blogged recently but I have been SUPER busy. So its currently 12:30 in the morning in the UK and I have once again lost track of time whilst on Tumblr...
Internet kids never sleep -Connor Franta.
And that's kind of true... So I thought I would just do another one of those random blogs. Seems like they are all just random blogs but yeah anyways on we go...
So just this week my half-term finished and I had to go back to school after just over a weeks break. Which for someone like me is a dreaded occasion. You know that feeling you get when you can't find the remote and Antiques Roadshow is on and you know you are gonna be in for an hour of torture...well that's the feeling I get when I hear the word "School". Don't get me wrong I used to LOVE school but I guess as you get older it changes. Now whilst we are on the subject of change. I'm one of those people who don't like change because I know that one small thing can change everything,The Butterfly Effect. If everyone is perfectly happy then why change why do we need change? Change can be good but sometimes it take me a while to see that. Today at school was really weird because one of my best friends wasn't there (shoutout to you when u read this) and that was a little change but that changed the whole day and didn't just effect one person. It effects all our friends, people who walk with her to lesson, people who need to talk to her e.t.c. And that's why I don't like change.

Times dragging on and I'm exhausted so I'm going to write off here. I hope you have a lovely day and hope there will be more good changes than bad.
I know I say this all the time but I'm now going to post more regularly. Possibly 3 times a week.

So in the big wide world of changes I know what won't change. The fact that I'm

Just Another Girl xx

Sunday, 25 October 2015

YouTube Birthday

Hello Lovelies,
So it is my birthday soon and as usual my mum asked me to write a "Present List" now last year I had only just recently gotten into YouTube and my presents were more of books and lip products e.t.c. But as I was writing my list this year I realised my YouTube "Obsession" may have gone a bit far....
My list consisted of.
Username:Evie -Joe Sugg
Girl Online On Tour -Zoe Sugg
Binge -Tyler Oakley
Blue Neighbourhood -Troye Sivan
Joe and Caspar: Hit The Road
Connor Franta merch from www.districtlines/ConnorFranta
A few things from the Zoella Beauty Christmas range -Available from Superdrug (UK) or online.
Tanya Burr Cosmetics Galaxy eye palette -Available from Superdrug (UK) or online.

I showed my mum the list she took one look and the first thing she said was.....
"Who's Tyler Oakley?"
That was a fun conversation to have.....

Anyways, Comment down below what you would like for your birthday or christmas. Also can I add I have had 132 page views and for me that's a lot!
So in a universe of YouTube obsessed Fangirls I'm

Just Another Girl xx

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Let's Just Chat.

Hey Guys,

Now, I have been doing this blog for about 2 months now and I have realised you don't really know that much about me. Now I know what your thinking, but isn't this an anonymous blog? we shouldn't know that much about you surely?
Well I recently just had my 100th reader on my blog and I wanted to make sure that my readers knew a little bit about me without going into much detail. I understand that my first blog post was 10 (I think) facts about me but this was very brief and didn't really go into a lot of detail. So, here we go let me tell you some more about me!

1. This isn't really to do with me but only two people in the whole wide world know who is writing this blog (Wow that sounded creepy!) I know and so does one of my closest friends!

2. I am obsessed with Troye Sivan's music right now and December 4th couldn't come quick enough because his new album comes out!

3. I hate homework. I try to do it all and keep organized but it doesn't seem to work. whenever I finish it I get given more and more and more! (In fact cheeky little fact here but I'm actually meant to be doing homework now but I needed to update blog design and blog soooo.....)

4. I have what my mum calls 'A problem with authority' This is where I talk back, disobey and generally get in trouble because I am too stubborn and refuse to listen.

5. Doing this blog has really helped me because I can write things down where people can see them but I cant be judged because I have a major problem with what people thing of me.

6. I have a lot of regrets.

7.  I like someone.

8. I can eat a whole Pizza with no regrets.

9. I am a night owl... I can stay up until 2 in the morning and still be awake and functioning for the next day. I pride myself on this! I have to do this more often because I am so busy with homework and things that I use 9pm onwards as social time this is when I; Check Tumblr and Twitter, Update my blog, Watch YouTube, Read other blogs, Text people.
I have kind of slipped into that routine now and it's a hard routine to break!

10. I rarely eat lunch. I never eat breakfast in the morning because I always feel really sick in the mornings. I generally don't eat lunch because I am just not hungry! People seem to think that I starve myself but believe me I don't! I like cake too much!

So these were just a few things that I wanted to put out there. I guess it's kind of a repeat of my first post but a lot of the things in that post aren't on here.

Thank you for reading. If you are feeling adventurous leave a random fact about you in the comments!

Do you like the new blog design I keep changing it around because I wasn't happy with the way it looked on mobile but I think I have finally found a design I am happy with. It takes ages to re-design because I had to change all the fonts and the colours and the layout and everything! Worth it though!

Anyways, Out of all the bloggers who have been re-designing I'm

Just Another Girl xx

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

My Pet Peeves.

Wow I haven't blogged regularly in a while...
Anyways today I'm going to be telling you what really really gets on my nerves! This will probably be a short blog post because I'm writing this quite late and this is more of a filler until I get back into regular blogging again.
So lets begin!
1. People touching my phone.
It's like when you show your friend something and they just grab your phone and start going through your photos and you know that they are one away from that embarrassing Tumblr quote.... It really gets on my nerves and I absolutely hate it!
2. Low-Cheese Pizza.
I hate it when you guy a pizza and there is hardly any cheese on the Pizza at all! I always add extra on pizzas unless they are cheesy or Goodfellas (because they are NICE!)
3. People who make stuff up.
I hate it when people make stuff up and make out that they were with you when something happened!
4. PDA's.
You know when you are casually walking round school and you turn around and you see a boy and a girl snogging! I hate it yes we get you are in a relationship but you could maybe talk once in a while rather trying to swallow each other!
5. Running.
I generally just cant tun I find it hard and very torturous! I really can't describe why I hate it so much to be honest!

Anyways regular blogging will continue sometime!
Thank you leave a comment I you can!

In a whole world of angry girls I'm

Just Another Girl xx

Thursday, 1 October 2015

                                                      Second Blog!!!


So today I started a second blog and it is basically just for any questions and answers and also for any extras that I may have missed off in my main blog. You can find it in my profile it is called "Just Another Girl 2 xx" (original I know!) it will be under the blogs I own and I hope you will enjoy it the updates won't be as regular as the ones on this blog but they will be possibly two or three times a month.

Thank You for reading this.
I will upload a new blog post today or tomorrow morning.
Also I am thinking of starting an anonymous singing YouTube channel let me know down below in the comments what you think and if you would watch. Would mean a lot if you could follow my blog or possibly subscribe to my posts thank you!!
So this was pretty short a pretty short blog post but what do you expect? After all I'm

Just Another Girl xx

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Not much of a proper blog today just kind of a catch up/ update blog.
So those of you who saw the way my blog was when I first started it was a basic template quite plain and boring, well I have re designed it. I have: Changed the background, changed the layout, updated my profile. I have basically been just seein what I can do to make it even better.
Another thing as well is that when I first started this blog I was getting 1 view a day. I now have 62 blog views and 54 profile views. Yes I know its not that much but my views are from
The Philippines
New Zealand
and more!!
To think that people half way across the world are reading my blog is pretty amazing to me.

I'm sorry if this was boring but I think my content is lacking enthusiasm at the moment but I'm just a bit stressed.
Anyways this was just a little update post so back to normal tomorrow with "My School Essentials" make sure to give it a read! <3

So this was a pointless post to be honest but nevermind because I'm

Just Another Girl xx

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

People Who Inspire Me.

Now I have been inspired in my life by many people before and I'm going to tell you who they are and why they inspire me. The reason I am doing this post is because maybe some of these people will inspire you too!

Emma Watson is a great actress and an amazing spokesperson for women and girls all around the world. She has made speeches about how gender shouldn't matter in the way we are paid and treated she has taught girls everywhere to believe in themselves and to accept who they are.

Zoe Sugg has
A number one bestselling book
9 Million YouTube subscribers
A beauty range
Another book coming out soon
and an amazing personality. She has taught me how to deal with anxiety, how to deal with life, how to fix bad hair days and so much more. She seems to always care about her fans. She has achieved so much at such a young age as well. In fact she was the person who inspired me to write this blog!

Connor Franta is probably one of my favourite people ever! He really inspires me to not be afraid of what people think and he had a New York times bestseller on the list for 4 months. He has raised money for two years now on his birthday to give to The Thirst Project, a charity which helps build wells to give fresh water to millions of people! At the young age of 23 he has achieved so much. Including having a billboard 100 compilation album of songs he has put together. He has always told his viewers and fans that being true to yourself and making yourself happy before you make others happy is always the beat thing to do!

Now he has realised two main EPs (TRXYE and WILD) at only the age of 20 he has a record deal one of the most watched coming out videos ever and an amazing fan base behind him. He inspires me because since a young age he wanted to make music and he set his mind to it and he stopped at nothing to achieve his goal and he got there. He is an amazing song writer and his lyrics are so heartfelt. Despite now being on the road to world fame he still always remembers to thank the fans. He tweets them, replies to comments and even meets them. He makes me believe that my dreams can become reality.

Now many other people inspire me but these are a few of the main ones. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you are having a lovely day!

Maybe one day someone will write about me and how I inspire them....
But for now I'm

Just Another Girl xx

Monday, 28 September 2015

Dealing With Anxiety

So recently I have been struggling with anxiety. My friends and family have been a massive help but there is only so much they can do, the rest is up to me. I often find that I can calm myself down by myself but I often tell one of my close friends that know about it.
Here the 10 things I do to help deal with Anxiety.
**These are only what helps me everyone is different so don't worry if these things don't work**
1. Distract myself.
 I try to think of a nice place in my head where everything is ok.
2. Tell someone.
I always tell at least one person so someone knows why I am like that and can cover for me.
3. Walk away.
 Sometimes being on my own really helps me calm down.
4. Listen to music.
This can't be done all the time because sometime music is un available. Music is a big part of my life and I love to sing. Music has always been my escape and something that can make me feel better and calmer.
5. Breathe in slowly and deeply.
 Many people use this technique to help calm themselves down and it really works!
6. Try and ignore it.
 I know it sounds stupid but if you try not to think about it too much eventually it will seem a lot smaller and more manageable.
7. Count to ten.
 Yes I know this is an old trick but trust me it really works. Not only does it make time go quicker but it always calms me down.
8. Tell myself it's ok.
 Yes I know I probably sound pretty crazy at the moment but believe me if you believe in yourself you can do a lot more than you think. Including helping Anxiety.
9. Lie down.
Because sometimes I get dizzy with it I find it good to lie down where possible and close your eyes. If this is not possible then sitting down often gives the same effect.
10. Stay Strong.
Show Anxiety that you will not be beaten by some little Anxiety attack. Yes it cam be scary, believe me I know. But at the end of the day you can't let it get you down. So I know it sounds cheesy but Stay Strong!

Well I hope you enjoyed this blog post and please leave a comment with any feedback. Thanks you.

Millions of people have Anxiety and out of all of them I'm

Just Another Girl xx

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

My Current Favourite Things!

So recently I have been liking a lot of things and I just thought I needed to share this... (also I have no blog ideas :/ so please comment below some ideas)
So, I'm gonna write my top things at the moment. Not in order though because that's too much for my little brain to handle....
1. Troye Sivan's EP WILD
2. Bobby Pins
3. Messy Buns
4. Coronation Street (A tv show in the UK)
5. Kian Lawley
6. Love Hearts
7. Flavoured Water
8. The Walking Dead
9. Cheese strings
10. Art

So yeah.....
There was quite a few more but it was getting a bit boring.
Again comment blog ideas in the comments please :) Sorry if this wasn't the most interesting blog ever they WILL get better!!

In a whole world of boring blogs
This was just another blog and I'm

Just Another Girl xx

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Winter already?!?

So today I came to the realisation that summer is ending :(
My evidence is:
•We had to work in silence at school and all you could hear was everyone sniffing, coughing and sneezing!
•I have had my first cold after summer.
•Everyone starts wearing their school jumpers again.
•Everyone stays inside at break and lunch because its cold and/or raining!
•Your mum tells you to wear a coat.
•I actually listen and wear a coat.
•Everyone just generally looks paler.
and many more!!
Now because I live in the UK our summers aren't always the best but even that was better than waking up to a frosty morning and getting on a freezing cold bus rather than a slightly cold bus!
I will survive another winter though! I will get through the ice age!
but if I don't nevermind because I guess I'm

Just Another Girl xx

Friday, 11 September 2015

My addiction to......

So, I have an addiction to.....
I just love it! Although things can get a little weird when you scroll down too far...... But the majority of it is pretty good.

and by good I mean, Pretty damn amazing.

Whenever I have time I'm on Tumblr
I'm on Tumblr when:
• I'm waiting for the school bus
• I'm at school
• Whenever I have 4G left
I'm not even joking when I say I use up all my data on Tumblr......

The thing is though only like two of my friends get Tumblr. So everyone gets confused when we are all like "That is SO Tumblr!"
*inside jokes*

So, this was a pointless blog post to be honest.....

But this is me sooo.......yeah

Anyway out of all of the millions of Tumblr users I'm

Just Another Girl xx

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Summer Blues

Hey World,
and by world I mean just me because I have 0 followers haha! At the moment I have a serious case of "Summer Blues"! This is where you are super sad because summer is almost over and you have to go back to school! Now because I live in England our summers are never really that sunny. Also when I go back to school unlike America where you have the freedom of wearing your own clothes to school we have the pleasure (note the sarcasm) of wearing posh scratchy blazers and jumpers that are only good for using all the secret pockets for little snacks in class hehe! Who else has "Summer Blues"? One thing I am happy about though is that when I go back to school I have cooking class as my first design project which means cupcakes! I recently went shopping, for school things. This ended in one pair of new shoes for school and the rest were un school related things! I have been watching ways to "glam" up a school uniform on YouTube (my life) but so far no luck! I found out my lesson timetable and my best friend and I had all the same lessons last year but now we don't although I am glad we have about 5 together! Well I'm gonna sign off now and go close my bedroom window to stop the rain from pouring in!

I am definitely not the only one with "Summer Blues" in fact I am,

Just Another Girl xx

Friday, 28 August 2015


Hey guys,
So I'm super excited because X Factor UK starts tomorrow. Who agrees the auditions are the best because they show all the funny bad singers? I am gonna miss Louis Walsh a bit though I mean he put all the entertaining funny contestants on the show but maybe that will be Nick Grimshaws job this year? What I'm really hating right now, no offence to him he us probably a lovely man, Simon Cowells beard maybe its just me but to me it just doesn't look right. I know hate it a strong word but please Simon SHAVE IT OFF. Sorry for the slight rant there. I am sad now because today was the last day of Tyler Oakley's, if you don't know who he it google him and thank me later, Auguest where he gets 20 different guests on his YouTube Channel for every weekday in August. I currently have mixed emotions with the whole back to school this at the moment because I'm excited to see my friends who don't live as close to me do I couldn't meet up in summer. But then again me and school don't get on very well sometimes I talk too much it says on every school report and the teachers don't like that so we clash. This year I am going to try and be better though lol 😁. Summer in the UK is never good but this year we hardly had any summer in the south this was not good because I am pale and I usually like to have a slight tan but that hasn't worked out well... Anyways I'm gonna sign off now so this was just another blog and I am still,
Just Another Girl xx

The First Of Many, Hopefully!

Ok, so I have thought about creating a blog for a while but didn't want people to know I was writing it. I don't know why I never thought of it before but after reading Girl Online, By Zoe Sugg, it made me want to try it out. I wanted a place where I could be me, myself and I and not be judged. A place where I can post things that might not ever get seen but I will know that they are out there. A few things you should know about me are:
1: I love YouTube my favourite YouTubers are Kian Lawley, Connor Franta, JC Caylen and ThatcherJoe.
2. I love to read! I have read all Harry Potter books three or four times!
3. MEAN GIRLS! (But not Mean Girls 2 ew)
4. I am a Tumblr addict and proud!
5. I am creating this whole blog on a Nokia Lumia but hopefully getting an iPhone 5s soon!

So, if anyone read this thank you but really I'm
Just Another Girl xx