Thursday, 1 October 2015

                                                      Second Blog!!!


So today I started a second blog and it is basically just for any questions and answers and also for any extras that I may have missed off in my main blog. You can find it in my profile it is called "Just Another Girl 2 xx" (original I know!) it will be under the blogs I own and I hope you will enjoy it the updates won't be as regular as the ones on this blog but they will be possibly two or three times a month.

Thank You for reading this.
I will upload a new blog post today or tomorrow morning.
Also I am thinking of starting an anonymous singing YouTube channel let me know down below in the comments what you think and if you would watch. Would mean a lot if you could follow my blog or possibly subscribe to my posts thank you!!
So this was pretty short a pretty short blog post but what do you expect? After all I'm

Just Another Girl xx

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Not much of a proper blog today just kind of a catch up/ update blog.
So those of you who saw the way my blog was when I first started it was a basic template quite plain and boring, well I have re designed it. I have: Changed the background, changed the layout, updated my profile. I have basically been just seein what I can do to make it even better.
Another thing as well is that when I first started this blog I was getting 1 view a day. I now have 62 blog views and 54 profile views. Yes I know its not that much but my views are from
The Philippines
New Zealand
and more!!
To think that people half way across the world are reading my blog is pretty amazing to me.

I'm sorry if this was boring but I think my content is lacking enthusiasm at the moment but I'm just a bit stressed.
Anyways this was just a little update post so back to normal tomorrow with "My School Essentials" make sure to give it a read! <3

So this was a pointless post to be honest but nevermind because I'm

Just Another Girl xx

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

People Who Inspire Me.

Now I have been inspired in my life by many people before and I'm going to tell you who they are and why they inspire me. The reason I am doing this post is because maybe some of these people will inspire you too!

Emma Watson is a great actress and an amazing spokesperson for women and girls all around the world. She has made speeches about how gender shouldn't matter in the way we are paid and treated she has taught girls everywhere to believe in themselves and to accept who they are.

Zoe Sugg has
A number one bestselling book
9 Million YouTube subscribers
A beauty range
Another book coming out soon
and an amazing personality. She has taught me how to deal with anxiety, how to deal with life, how to fix bad hair days and so much more. She seems to always care about her fans. She has achieved so much at such a young age as well. In fact she was the person who inspired me to write this blog!

Connor Franta is probably one of my favourite people ever! He really inspires me to not be afraid of what people think and he had a New York times bestseller on the list for 4 months. He has raised money for two years now on his birthday to give to The Thirst Project, a charity which helps build wells to give fresh water to millions of people! At the young age of 23 he has achieved so much. Including having a billboard 100 compilation album of songs he has put together. He has always told his viewers and fans that being true to yourself and making yourself happy before you make others happy is always the beat thing to do!

Now he has realised two main EPs (TRXYE and WILD) at only the age of 20 he has a record deal one of the most watched coming out videos ever and an amazing fan base behind him. He inspires me because since a young age he wanted to make music and he set his mind to it and he stopped at nothing to achieve his goal and he got there. He is an amazing song writer and his lyrics are so heartfelt. Despite now being on the road to world fame he still always remembers to thank the fans. He tweets them, replies to comments and even meets them. He makes me believe that my dreams can become reality.

Now many other people inspire me but these are a few of the main ones. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you are having a lovely day!

Maybe one day someone will write about me and how I inspire them....
But for now I'm

Just Another Girl xx

Monday, 28 September 2015

Dealing With Anxiety

So recently I have been struggling with anxiety. My friends and family have been a massive help but there is only so much they can do, the rest is up to me. I often find that I can calm myself down by myself but I often tell one of my close friends that know about it.
Here the 10 things I do to help deal with Anxiety.
**These are only what helps me everyone is different so don't worry if these things don't work**
1. Distract myself.
 I try to think of a nice place in my head where everything is ok.
2. Tell someone.
I always tell at least one person so someone knows why I am like that and can cover for me.
3. Walk away.
 Sometimes being on my own really helps me calm down.
4. Listen to music.
This can't be done all the time because sometime music is un available. Music is a big part of my life and I love to sing. Music has always been my escape and something that can make me feel better and calmer.
5. Breathe in slowly and deeply.
 Many people use this technique to help calm themselves down and it really works!
6. Try and ignore it.
 I know it sounds stupid but if you try not to think about it too much eventually it will seem a lot smaller and more manageable.
7. Count to ten.
 Yes I know this is an old trick but trust me it really works. Not only does it make time go quicker but it always calms me down.
8. Tell myself it's ok.
 Yes I know I probably sound pretty crazy at the moment but believe me if you believe in yourself you can do a lot more than you think. Including helping Anxiety.
9. Lie down.
Because sometimes I get dizzy with it I find it good to lie down where possible and close your eyes. If this is not possible then sitting down often gives the same effect.
10. Stay Strong.
Show Anxiety that you will not be beaten by some little Anxiety attack. Yes it cam be scary, believe me I know. But at the end of the day you can't let it get you down. So I know it sounds cheesy but Stay Strong!

Well I hope you enjoyed this blog post and please leave a comment with any feedback. Thanks you.

Millions of people have Anxiety and out of all of them I'm

Just Another Girl xx