Sunday, 25 October 2015

YouTube Birthday

Hello Lovelies,
So it is my birthday soon and as usual my mum asked me to write a "Present List" now last year I had only just recently gotten into YouTube and my presents were more of books and lip products e.t.c. But as I was writing my list this year I realised my YouTube "Obsession" may have gone a bit far....
My list consisted of.
Username:Evie -Joe Sugg
Girl Online On Tour -Zoe Sugg
Binge -Tyler Oakley
Blue Neighbourhood -Troye Sivan
Joe and Caspar: Hit The Road
Connor Franta merch from www.districtlines/ConnorFranta
A few things from the Zoella Beauty Christmas range -Available from Superdrug (UK) or online.
Tanya Burr Cosmetics Galaxy eye palette -Available from Superdrug (UK) or online.

I showed my mum the list she took one look and the first thing she said was.....
"Who's Tyler Oakley?"
That was a fun conversation to have.....

Anyways, Comment down below what you would like for your birthday or christmas. Also can I add I have had 132 page views and for me that's a lot!
So in a universe of YouTube obsessed Fangirls I'm

Just Another Girl xx

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