Wednesday, 23 September 2015

My Current Favourite Things!

So recently I have been liking a lot of things and I just thought I needed to share this... (also I have no blog ideas :/ so please comment below some ideas)
So, I'm gonna write my top things at the moment. Not in order though because that's too much for my little brain to handle....
1. Troye Sivan's EP WILD
2. Bobby Pins
3. Messy Buns
4. Coronation Street (A tv show in the UK)
5. Kian Lawley
6. Love Hearts
7. Flavoured Water
8. The Walking Dead
9. Cheese strings
10. Art

So yeah.....
There was quite a few more but it was getting a bit boring.
Again comment blog ideas in the comments please :) Sorry if this wasn't the most interesting blog ever they WILL get better!!

In a whole world of boring blogs
This was just another blog and I'm

Just Another Girl xx