Tuesday, 13 October 2015

My Pet Peeves.

Wow I haven't blogged regularly in a while...
Anyways today I'm going to be telling you what really really gets on my nerves! This will probably be a short blog post because I'm writing this quite late and this is more of a filler until I get back into regular blogging again.
So lets begin!
1. People touching my phone.
It's like when you show your friend something and they just grab your phone and start going through your photos and you know that they are one away from that embarrassing Tumblr quote.... It really gets on my nerves and I absolutely hate it!
2. Low-Cheese Pizza.
I hate it when you guy a pizza and there is hardly any cheese on the Pizza at all! I always add extra on pizzas unless they are cheesy or Goodfellas (because they are NICE!)
3. People who make stuff up.
I hate it when people make stuff up and make out that they were with you when something happened!
4. PDA's.
You know when you are casually walking round school and you turn around and you see a boy and a girl snogging! I hate it yes we get you are in a relationship but you could maybe talk once in a while rather trying to swallow each other!
5. Running.
I generally just cant tun I find it hard and very torturous! I really can't describe why I hate it so much to be honest!

Anyways regular blogging will continue sometime!
Thank you leave a comment I you can!

In a whole world of angry girls I'm

Just Another Girl xx

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