Friday, 28 August 2015


Hey guys,
So I'm super excited because X Factor UK starts tomorrow. Who agrees the auditions are the best because they show all the funny bad singers? I am gonna miss Louis Walsh a bit though I mean he put all the entertaining funny contestants on the show but maybe that will be Nick Grimshaws job this year? What I'm really hating right now, no offence to him he us probably a lovely man, Simon Cowells beard maybe its just me but to me it just doesn't look right. I know hate it a strong word but please Simon SHAVE IT OFF. Sorry for the slight rant there. I am sad now because today was the last day of Tyler Oakley's, if you don't know who he it google him and thank me later, Auguest where he gets 20 different guests on his YouTube Channel for every weekday in August. I currently have mixed emotions with the whole back to school this at the moment because I'm excited to see my friends who don't live as close to me do I couldn't meet up in summer. But then again me and school don't get on very well sometimes I talk too much it says on every school report and the teachers don't like that so we clash. This year I am going to try and be better though lol 😁. Summer in the UK is never good but this year we hardly had any summer in the south this was not good because I am pale and I usually like to have a slight tan but that hasn't worked out well... Anyways I'm gonna sign off now so this was just another blog and I am still,
Just Another Girl xx

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  1. Again, I'm really sorry for the mistakes in the writing xx


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