Saturday, 29 August 2015

Summer Blues

Hey World,
and by world I mean just me because I have 0 followers haha! At the moment I have a serious case of "Summer Blues"! This is where you are super sad because summer is almost over and you have to go back to school! Now because I live in England our summers are never really that sunny. Also when I go back to school unlike America where you have the freedom of wearing your own clothes to school we have the pleasure (note the sarcasm) of wearing posh scratchy blazers and jumpers that are only good for using all the secret pockets for little snacks in class hehe! Who else has "Summer Blues"? One thing I am happy about though is that when I go back to school I have cooking class as my first design project which means cupcakes! I recently went shopping, for school things. This ended in one pair of new shoes for school and the rest were un school related things! I have been watching ways to "glam" up a school uniform on YouTube (my life) but so far no luck! I found out my lesson timetable and my best friend and I had all the same lessons last year but now we don't although I am glad we have about 5 together! Well I'm gonna sign off now and go close my bedroom window to stop the rain from pouring in!

I am definitely not the only one with "Summer Blues" in fact I am,

Just Another Girl xx

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