Saturday, 2 January 2016

Dealing With Anxiety Part 2.

Hello from the other side, of my computer screen,

So a while back when I first started this blog I wrote a post about some ways I deal with my anxiety, now as this was a few months ago I have recently been finding some new ways to help my anxiety. The inspiration behind this post is that recently my anxiety has been quite bad and by doing this post I hope I can maybe help some other teenage girls and boys who are going through the same thing. This post may be a bit shorter than the last as ways to help don't always pop up. Ok on with it then,

Write a diary and I know you might be thinking how will that help but this is something I have started doing recently. I have never been one to write diaries and never grasped the idea of it but I had an idea the other to keep what I now call an "Anxiety Diary" basically whenever I am feeling anxious I write it down I write how I'm feeling and how I helped myself. This helps me see the most common places where I have been anxious and maybe see where the best ways and places to calm myself down are.

Chew Gum. Yes this isn't the most obvious thing that you would do but I saw a video on YouTube the other day about anxiety (I wish I could give you the link but I can't remember it but it was an amazing video!) Now the logic behind this is when you are chewing gum your brain automatically thinks you are eating. When you are eating you will 9/10 times be somewhere safe. So eating or simulating eating will calm you down. This doesn't work for everyone but this works for me really well, so give it a try!

Now I think I said this in my last post but talking to people really helps and it doesn't have to be people from your family it can be friends or if you don't feel able to talk to people like that and want to keep it a secret then there is always places you can go, such as helplines. 
A helpline I found: 
Helpline Number: 0844 967 4848 
Youth Helpline Number: 01753 840393 

 So that's all for us today and I will see you tomorrow with another blog post!
Once again hope you enjoyed this blog post and hope this helped you even just the tiniest but I want to make a difference! If you are going through a hard time just remember you aren't alone, take it for, someone who knows. 

In a whole community of anxiety sufferers I'm 

Just Another Girl xx  

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