Sunday, 3 January 2016

What I Got For Christmas 2015!

Good Day Everybody,

Hello and today I am going to be doing what I got for Christmas this year. I realised now was a good time to do this because we are slowly getting further away from Christmas. So I will not say everything I got but I will list the main things.

Now I am super grateful for this present and I was really not expecting this so it cam as a massive surprise when I was given an iPad by my parents this year! I really appreciate them doing that for me as I know sometimes money can be tight.

I got some vouchers for my favourite shops this is always good because I like to pick out clothes as often when people buy me clothes they don't fit (especially trousers because my legs are so long I'm like a spider lol) 

I got some books but my favourite by far was Username: Evie by Joe Sugg I have just started reading this and already it is amazing!!

I was also given some Zoella products. These products are mainly available in the UK from Superdrug but I'm not sure how to access them in other countries although I think they are online on a certain site? I absolutely love bath things and fragrances so this was a great present!

I have been saving up to buy some white Nike Air Maxes. My mum and dad both knew I had been saving up so they decided to surprise me on Christmas Day with a pair of Air Maxws in the exact colour and style I wanted! I was so pleased with my gift!

I had completely worn out my curling tongs and they were getting old and wouldn't heat up anymore. My nan being the wonderful person she is decided to give me an amazing present on Christmas hen I opened up a Mark Hill styling wand. The amazing thing about this one is that you have three different wands that clip in and out depending on how you want your hair styled! They work so well and I definitely recommend them!

Those were my main presents of this year. I also got some clothes and jewellery but those were the mains. This is one of the best Christmasses I have had because my whole family was there! That was the best present! I am extremely happy and grateful with everything that I received this Christmas! I hope you all had wonderful Christmasses and lovely New Years! I will see you tomorrow with another blog post! 

In a whole world of grateful people I'm 

Just Another Girl xx

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