Saturday, 9 January 2016

I'm So Annoyed!

Hey Girls this ones for you,

So I have swimming at school and last week I was so pleased when I wasn't on my period but then swimming was cancelled so I had to wait a whole week but last night I had bad cramps and I thought to myself "oh crap no please no!"  Then fell asleep woke up this morning and my worst nightmare had been confirmed... With swimming only 2 days away and me not being due for another 2 weeks I was super pissed... But life got worse when I looked in the mirror (my whole life haha) and I saw that my acne that has been calming down thanks to the doctor had flared up again and to rlly put the icing on my cacky cake I then had to go out in less than 2 hours and still had to wash my hair as hormones had decided to make it disgusting ugh this is so gross. I realise this isn't the nicest post to read but I do like to have a good rant occasionly haha sorry if this disgusted you! And to end on a slightly nicer not (kinda) please enjoy these photos that made me laugh whilst looking through Pinterest. Any ways in a whole world of hormonal teenagers I'm 

Just Another Girl xx

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